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Priori Cellular Recovery Serum
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Priori Cellular Recovery Serum

Priori Cellular Recovery Serum
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Price: $199.00
Manufacturer: Priori
Product Code: 1806110

Priori Cellular Recovery Serum with DNA Enzyme Complex delivers powderful DNA repair enzymes and Vitamins to the skin.  This combination has been tailor made for promotion of skins self-healing to help improve the appearance of the signs of ageing.

Priori Cellular Recovey Serum has been delveoped as a bboster treatment and will enhance the results of any anti-ageing skincare system.

Cellualr Recovery Serum will boost skin moisture and contains antioxidant Vitamins E & C which result in skin health and radiance.

Priori cutting edge technology DNA Enzyme Complex Targets Cellular DNA with its aim to resverse oxidative damage.


Priori Cellular Recovery Serum is also known by Beauty Professioanls as "A personal trainer for the skin" and is often referred to as "The one product I would take with me on a desert island if I only had one choice".

Priori Cellular Recovery Serum 50ml



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